Quick & Easy 30 Second Facebook Tip!

Quick & Easy 30 Second

Facebook Tip!

I got such an amazing response about my 1st 30 second video facebook tip that I decided to make another one. Like before If you found this video helpful, I would love for to show your support on Twitter! It’s easy to do, all you have to do is [ Click Here]. Thank you so much again. Enjoy your video, and #BeBoundless!




( I love surprises ! )

Dog Surprise

Thank you everyone SO much for attending my 1st Twitterchat! I hope that you walked away meeting new people, and learning some actionable tips & tricks. My goal is ( and has always been ) to help you take your pet business to the next level by using Social Media & Internet Marketing. As a thank you to you for attending I am more than happy to give you a free copy of my 101 Tips &  Tricks for Social Media & The Pet Industry. It’s 100% Brand New and I am giving to only those who attended this Twitterchat – to all others it will be available shortly for purchase, but you get a sneak peak.

Again, it means the world to me that you attended. Thank you! 

Just tell me where and who to send it to by filling out the form below.

Becky : )

Exclusive Twitterchat Tips!

Exclusive Twitterchat Tips!


Hey Everyone!

Thank you so much for coming to my TwitterChat. I hope that you enjoyed yourself and , most importantly, I hope you learned a lot during our time together. Every 15 minutes during the chat I gave out an “Exclusive Twitterchat Tips”.  I know that Twitterchats can go fast, and you can miss some things. So, I’d love to email you all the tips that we covered during the Twitterchat, and even send you a few extras! Just tell me who & where you’d like it sent to by filling out the box below – Don’t worry I hate spam too. : )

Tip: Embed a Facebook Post

Tip: Embed Your Most Popular Facebook Post

on Your Blog &

How To Do It.

This great tip was recently featured on my twitterchat.  Did you attend to Twitterchat? I’d love your feedback.  How did you like the TwitterChat?

The Tweet  read..

~*~ Exclusive TwitterChat Tip! ~*~ Embed top performing posts onto your blog. Learn how to do that Here. http://ow.ly/wivJS #BeBoundless

TipTuesdayfunny-dog-computer-FacebookBlankScreenThe reason you would want to do this is that increasing engagement on a post will increase the overall reach your facebook fan page gets. With all the recent facebook changes anything you can do to increase reach organically is wonderful! There was a reason your most popular post is the most popular, and if your facebook fans loved it, then that means your blog audience will love it too! So lets go, here is how you #1. Find out what post was most popular ( after all I am sure you’ve posted 100′s of things) and #2. How to embed it!

Step 1:

The 1st thing we have to do is find your most popular post. To find your most popular post start by clicking on the ‘See Insights’ on the top of your Facebook Fan Page.

see Insights facebook

Step 2:

Under your Insights page click on the Tab that says, “posts”. Under that post scroll down the page until you see a horizontal menu bar that says: ‘Overview’   ‘Likes’ …..etc….. Click on the word ‘ Engagement’. This tab will tell you all which posts had how how much engagement, just what we want!

Step 3:

Click on the Tab that says ‘Engagement’ and  a small grey arrow that faces down will appear ( See Picture Below ). Click on that arrow so you see the drop down menu. In this drop down menu pick the option that says , “Likes, Comments, & Shares”. This will list all are posts from the post that has the most Likes, Comments & Shares to the least.

Facebook Insights

Step 4:

Now that we know which post is the most popular, it’s time to embed it! In my case my most popular post is  “#DogTherapy! love it. #TGIF Everyone!!!!!!! “. Now all I have to do is click on that link ( See Image Below. ) How To Embed a Facebook Post onto your blog

Step 6:

Next, the picture below will pop up. Click on the time stamp on this picture. Again, see the picture below to understand where the timestamp is.

Tip: Embed a Facebook Post


Step 7:

You are now at your original Post! From here, just click on the ‘option’ button at the bottom of your picture, then scroll up the ‘embed’.

Embed Post

Step 8: You’re Almost Done!

This will give you a popup screen with a code. Now just copy and paste this code into your blog post, or have your webmaster do it. And Wha-La! You embeded your most popular facebook post into your blog!

The result will look like this (Active link so feel free to try it out. )  : ) 


Paw Print Genetics = February’s Business Of The Month!

Paw Print Genetics

February’s Business Of The Month! 

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How Does Paw Print Genetics Use the Internet and Social Media to Succeed?

By Jennifer Rennard

Business Of the MonthBringing a puppy into the family is an emotional and financial investment. Paw Print Geneticsis a clinical laboratory dedicated to achieving optimal canine genetic health by providing genetic screening and resources to dog lovers, owners, breeders, trainers and veterinarians.

Paw Print Genetics founder and CEO, Dr. Lisa Shaffer co-founded a successful human DNA diagnostic laboratory based in Spokane, which she sold in 2010. In 2012 she began her pet project. “I found that canine genetic health is not being well taken care of in the United States. It’s important that we pay attention to our four-legged friends,” said Shaffer.

After extensive laboratory validation, Paw Print Genetics opened its doors in April 2013 and currently offers 115 breed-specific tests for over 200 breeds of dogs. This is one of the largest menus offered by any canine genetic testing laboratory in the world. Staffed by


expertly trained geneticists, veterinarians and technicians, the lab at Paw Print Genetics is equipped with the latest technology and uses human laboratory standards.

Paw Print Genetics attends local dog shows and dog-related trade shows, but when they are not exhibiting, you can find them at www.pawprintgenetics.com. This online database provides its customers with great information and resources concerning canine health. Customers from around the world are able to search the catalog of tests by breed, disease name or symptoms. They can then add the desired tests to their shopping cart and submit payment using a credit card or PayPal.

With Paw Print Genetics’ online account management system, users can track their orders and receive updates and alerts when their sample is received, processed in the lab and when their results and Canine Genetic Health Certificates are available. This database and online system not only keeps clients informed during each step of sample processing, but allows point-of-contact sales to take place; Paw Print Genetics’ staff can work directly with clients – placing orders, collecting DNA samples and processing payments – at dog shows, breeders’ homes, at hunt trials or other locations.

FB Dog

Social media has offered a successful way for Paw Print Genetics to reach new dog-loving customers, drive brand awareness and connect with the canine industry as a whole. Paw Print Genetics has made connections with groups and individuals interested in optimal canine health. You can find Paw Print Genetics on all the major social media platforms. They have a dedicated full-time employee who creates, promotes, and manages all the pages. With canine health blogs, health segments on YouTube, Facebook interaction and live Tweets from events, their followers can access all the latest developments and information from on-staff veterinarians, world-renowned geneticists and nationally known dog writers.

Dogs need us to care for them in all ways, including their genomes! Every dog deserves optimal genetic health – and Paw Print Genetics offers screening and genetic counseling that can help you make proper breeding decisions and to select a healthy puppy. Whether breeding, buying or training, Paw Print Genetics offers screening that can give you peace of mind and protect your investment.

 Check out Paw Prints Genetics at:

Website:  https://www.pawprintgenetics.com


Twitter: @PawPrintGenes

Office: (509) 483-5950

Direct: (509) 483-5952

Email: JRennard@pawprintgenetics.com


Street Style Dogs = January’s Business Of The Month!

Street Style Dogs

January’s Business Of The Month! 

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January's Business Of The Month
January’s Business Of The Month – Street Style Dogs

We are sisters and best friends ( Lee Anne Benjamin and Scarlett Foltz )   . We share a passion for dogs, fashion, websites, and social media and decided to put those passions to work and create Street Style Dogs!

When we came up with the idea Scarlett had just moved to New York City and I was living in DC. The bus ride from DC to NYC was about 3 hours so I would take the bus often to visit Scarlett. On our visits we would talk about how awesome it would be to work on something together that would combine our passions and skills. We both had dabbled in web-based businesses and had developed a strong interest and knowledge in social media.

Street Style Dogs launched in August 2013 and has grown very quickly since. The only form of advertising we use is social media and we don’t pay a dime for it. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to drive traffic to our website and to create a community of  awesome dog lovers. I work in social media currently and spend a lot of time on Facebook. I’ve never seen this type of engagement before. For example our Facebook page currently has 1,377 likes and 12,190 talking about us. The talking about us number is huge in social media terms because it means people are actually interested in what you are doing. You have a product, service, or website that is shareable. This is key in being successful in social media.

Romeo the Boston

Our main goal with our website is to share the love of dogs with the world. There are so many people who love their dogs like they love their children. They can’t imagine taking their dog out in the cold without a sweater and booties because they would never take their kids outside without a sweater and boots. We feature daily posts of awesome dogs that are submitted to us via our website. We also host contests and share information about some of our favorite dog businesses. We’ve been told that our website is a place you go to for your daily dose of happiness and we hope to continue to put a smile on many faces.

If you have a stylish dog we can’t wait to meet him or her. Just go to our website to submit photos! Every dog deserves a day of fame!


Check Them Out At:


Get social with Them At:






Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid Holiday Charity Drive

WNW Charity Drive 2013 posterSince we opened our doors more than 13 years ago, Walks ‘N’ Pet First Aid has always felt strongly about helping animals in need. We’ve donated our time, raised funds, given away donation items and more. Then an idea came to us, “Why not run a Holiday Charity Drive? We have 50+ Instructors teaching our program, surely some of them would get on board!”
December 2012 was our first attempt at rolling out the Charity Drive. We had 9 Instructors on board accepting donations across Canada. We shared our posters on Facebook and other social media and crossed our fingers that the event would be a success.
Within a few days, the news of our event had been shared far and wide. Then, a few days after that, my own drop off location in Vancouver, BC called me.  They’d received so many items that they begged me to come and pick them up!
When all was said and done, we had 9 very happy charities benefit from the kindness and generosity of the public. And it wasn’t just the charities that benefited, I personally did too. You see, when I went to drop off my batch of donations to my charity of choice, I fell in love. That’s right, head over heels with an obese senior Chihuahua X named “Joey”. Today, Joey lives with my family as “Tux” and has a new job as Walks ‘N’ Wags’ “Chief Dog Officer”.
This year, we have expanded the Walks ‘N’ Wags Holiday Charity Drive to 12 drop off locations, 11 in Canada and 1 in the USA. Items can be dropped off from December 1-15, 2013. We are thankful to Boundless Media, and other organizations we have met through social media for helping us support of pets in need.
Lisa Wagner is the Operations Director of Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid. Walks ‘N’ Wags offers Pet First Aid certification courses both in-class and via distance learning. Visit their web site at www.walksnwags.com

Internet Marketing for pet businesses IMG_3397


By: Todd Engel, Engel Law Offices

I have been often asked how did I become active in social media and my online presence particularly with an emphasis on my law

social Media & Lawyers
social Media & Lawyers

practice. The short answer is I have been a tech geek for longer than I can remember and the longer answer shall follow.

 For me technology and my practice has been an evolution and this evolution primarily deals with the ability to have and maintain open lines of communication across platforms.

My father, who was also a lawyer, got us our first home pc when they were not yet mainstream. Our first home computer was an old Apple II+, our first modem was the old phone coupler that you would place the phone into as this was before internal modems.

My first experience with “social media” was CompuServ. This was a basic form of bulletin board type forums where people would interact on a variety of subjects. This was very rudimentary social media however at the time it was groundbreaking because you could maintain conversations with people from all over the world.

I continued my use of social media, or online services as they were known. First, Prodigy, then AOL and slowly directly through the internet through platforms such as Myspace. These all offered the ability to interact with people one on one and seek advice from people worldwide. My father developed referral bases for his law practice from around the world through his use of the AOL chat rooms some of whom I still am in contact with today.

Fast forward to my own practice. Presently, I have two websites: www.engelatty.com and

These websites offer me the opportunity to put my message for my practice on the web where more people will learn about me. I have received clients, especially on the equine side from all over the country and it has expanded my breadth and depth of practice.

I also have a Linked In page http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=15893532&trk=tab_pro  that oftentimes brings me back to where it all started.  The groups in Linked In offer a fantastic way to connect to people in fields you are interested in. I have joined numerous groups; some legal, some horse racing and some technology based each giving me new perspective and new opportunities to learn and discuss issues.

I also am a member of the Solosez listserv. The listserv is a resource for small and solo attorneys who are members of the American Bar Association. This email resource opens up the ability to ask for advice and suggestions from attorneys throughout the country. It has also been a wonderful source of referral work; as the attorneys on the list get a better sense of you, your practice areas and your work ethic.

Facebook – has been a fantastic source of work for my practice. My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/EngelLaw has given me some great opportunities for client interaction and development. Last year; I raised money for two charities that I am involved with by seeking new likes on the Facebook page. I have used this as a way to provide insight to articles and stories I find useful and believe that those people who like my page will find useful as well. I will also use the space to answer general legal questions without specifics to one individual.

Twitter –  https://twitter.com/Toddengel is a tool that I use for having conversations as well as brief updates. For those who don’t know, twitter allows communication in 140 character sound bites. This is great for passing quick information about what you are doing; having conversations on certain topics; and quick feedback. The real drawback I have found with twitter is if you aren’t following the tweets consistently you can miss out on the conversation. However I am there and have used it to build my base.

Social media is an important and vital method for business generation. It is utilized across many platforms for success. The methods for using social media in your business are endless – Boundless!



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Why My Part-Time Energy Business is “Boundless”

By Theresa Wilkins - Independent Consultant with Ambit Energy

My business is boundless because it’s something that everyone you know, and everyone you don’t know uses.  It’s electricity & natural gas.  There is no product education.  There is nothing to sell them, because they already buy it every time they turn on a light switch and open the refrigerator door.  (did you unplug your refrigerator the last time you left your house?)  It’s a product for the masses and beyond and is as important as food, water and shelter.

This is a boundless business because it’s something that anyone can do and can be successful in; from 90 year old grandmothers, to Internet Marketing in Syracuse those with disabilities to an 18 year old fresh out of high school.  You can be a man or a woman.  You can be black, white, Latino, Asian or whatever.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is.   If you have no education, a poor credit rating or a regretful criminal past that’s holding you back from making the most of your life in the regular world of work – it will not hold you back in this business.  In this business it just doesn’t matter.

My business is boundless because if you’re a night person – you can be a night person and do this business.  If you are an early morning person, you can do this business.  Are you a busy mom?  A busy business owner?  A police officer, firefighter, nurse or dog groomer?  This will fit in your life.

What do you need to do this business?  You need some work ethic and drive to succeed.  Then you need just two things to do this business:  You need to know people who use electricity & natural gas and you need to be able to pop in a DVD to show them how this business works.  No formal education is required.  No perfect score on your credit report is needed.  No perfect resume must be printed out.  No one is going to do a background check on you.

If you are tired of limits on what you can achieve, limits on your income, limits on the hours you work and how often you see your kids; if you’re tired of the limitations that all of the above brings you on accomplishing the things in life that you really want to do – then you might want to just look at this business; because it truly is boundless.  It doesn’t matter if you do this business.  I just want you to look and to see what you think about how far you can go.  It’s truly  boundless for those who see it.


Watch here and see: www.EarnWithAmbit.biz

If you only want the savings go here: www.TheresaWilkins.com
Theresa Wilkins: 315-496-1488
Theresa Wilkins is the author of this blog. Theresa is an Independent Consultant with Ambit Energy. This is an Independent Consultant Web Site and is not created nor maintained by Ambit Energy (a Texas-based retail Energy Provider, PUCT Certificate #10117). The site owner is solely responsible for the content. The Ambit Energy Independent Consultant Logo and name are the property of Ambit Energy Holdings, LLC and are used on this site by Permission.

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